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by Una Hearne. Easy! When you have reached your goal. You got the job / went on holiday / got promoted / have a successful business or whatever. Right? Well. Maybe. And then again, maybe not. It depends on what you personally mean by success. We have all sorts of notions of what success means - money, houses, cars, lifestyle, achievements, awards and accolades, the lovers, the family, the friends - all that nice stuff. The feeling of being successful of course comes from inside you. It is the meaning that you personally attach to the stuff ...


1 There are limits!

by Una Hearne. Does it bug you when coaches and inspirational speakers tell you that you can do anything you want? Absolutely anything, with no limits? It really bugged me over the years. We all know there are limits. Time, for example, is a hard limit, we cannot create any more of it than we have. We have to prioritise what we spend our time on because we simply cannot do everything. No matter how many secrets we read. Having said that, the idea that life is just the way it is and ...