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by Una Hearne. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Every time I heard someone say 'You have to believe in yourself if you want to make it', I felt a knot in my stomach. 'What'   I thought   'If I just don't?' Should I just give up now? When I first dreamed of being a coach, trainer and writer, I couldn't see how it was possible. I didn't have the qualifications, any relevant experience, didn't know any of the right people, had no money to study, little energy at the end of every working day and I had to keep my crappy ...


8 How do you deal with rejection when job hunting?

by Una Hearne. You send out CVs, you apply for jobs, you do interviews and... months later, still nothing. What happens? You feel rejected and lose confidence. This lowers the quality and impact of your applications and interviews, which means you have less chance of getting a job and so it spirals on. The key thing in a job hunt is to maintain your confidence so you consistently perform at your best. Easy to say I know. It means not allowing the process of job hunting to get you down or let negative ...


7 What is coaching?

by Una Hearne. Sometimes it seems hard to explain! It is a series of powerful, purposeful conversations between a client and coach over a period of time. It is a transformative process. It is a personal and developmental support. It is a success accelerator. It is empowering. It gets you back in touch with yourself. It is facilitated goal setting. It is a tailored process which helps you get from where you are to where you want to be quicker and more effectively than you can on your own. It is all ...


6 When is redundancy a good thing?

by Una Hearne. We talk about and act as if this current recession is a disaster. Of course, in many ways it absolutely is. It has created plenty of financial hardship through redundancy and cuts. However, it has also forced many people to stop and reassess their lives which is always a good thing. It has also created much opportunity for those who can see it. There has been a huge number of redundancies and for the first time a large number of these people are highly experienced/qualified and never expected to be ...