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by Una Hearne. 'What did you do at the weekend?' 'Nothing.' 'Why? What's wrong with you? Why weren't you hiking/ biking/ going to the gym/ golfing/ running and out drinking and dancing till three in the morning?' Why do we have to fill our time with doing to justify our existence? If you have spent time doing nothing and it made you miserable, depressed, frustrated - then yes, I agree that was a waste of time. But if you have spent time doing nothing and it made you happy and relaxed - what could possibly be ...


16 Red Herrings

by Una Hearne. You know the excuses we allow ourselves to believe so that we can avoid having to do something? I call them red herrings. Sometimes it's ok to use them, but if they are stopping you creating the life you want well, that's not what you want is it? The red herrings I see over and over again are: I don't have the money I don't have the time I don't know the right people I don't have the right qualifications/ experience I don't know how to do that They sound so reasonable, don't they? When people ...


15 Spooky magic

by Una Hearne. Magic happens around written goals. I have experienced this with my own goals and with clients' goals. Not all goals mind you - but more than you would expect - enough to make it spooky. I get my clients to write specific goals, descriptive, detailed and as fully fleshed out as possible. From houses to job descriptions, life partners to behaviour change with specific results, goal after goal has manifested in spooky detail. As I said, not all goals but too many to dismiss. I do love spooky magic! I also like to ...


by Una Hearne. By authentic, I mean right for you, in your life. And by dream, I mean dream, vision, aim, outcome, goal, plan, wish, desire - whatever word works for you and means 'the way you want you and your life to be'. Like all life choices, whether to pursue a dream or not is a personal judgement call. However, over the years I have learned there are some key characteristics by which you can recognise if a dream is authentic, the more of the following that apply the more likely you should ...