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22 Is it realistic to dream?

by Una Hearne. I spend a lot of time as a coach and trainer trying to crowbar people's minds open long enough to allow them to dream for themselves. We are brought up to be deeply suspicious of dreams. Not the dreams we have when we sleep, but the dreams we can imagine for our future in the real world, beyond our current experience. We often react to each other's dreams for the future as if they are nonsense - as if we are completely mad to think bigger for ourselves. And yet, imagining ...


21 Positive thinking 1

by Una Hearne. Habitually positive thinkers are happier than habitually negative thinkers. I'm just going to take that as read and gallop on. Here's the thing, your experience of life (your thoughts and feelings) is created in your brain. Events happen, people behave as they do and you interpret everything that happens around you according to your beliefs, values, previous experience and other unique personal filters. If your thoughts and feelings were created by the events or other people, outside of you, we would all experience the same thoughts and feelings as a result of ...


20 I hate networking!

by Una Hearne. Really? I don't think anyone actually hates networking. Controversial! I think the fact that most people say they hate it comes from a misunderstanding about what networking is. Most of us agree that networking is a key part of most aspects of work, from getting a job or starting a business, to gaining promotion or new clients. But what do we really mean by networking? The truth is networking events have their place, it is a way to meet new people in an appropriate environment but they are not where most networking happens. ...


by Una Hearne. People are often prompted to use a coach because they are unhappy with some aspect of their life or career. But it doesn't have to be about moving on from a bad situation. It is about moving forward from wherever you are. Coaching, at its heart, is about raising your awareness and developing as a person. This is just as valid when life is great as it is when life is tough. Change is inevitable, life will move on and the more conscious and engaged you are, the richer ...


by Una Hearne. Edison said 'I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work!' Perseverance is one of the characteristics of successful human beings. Sometimes in the face of overwhelming odds. Sometimes sheer bloody-mindedness when all around you would have given up gracefully and are just waiting to cart you off to the funny farm, is just the ticket for success. It is a judgement call. Most of the big decisions in your life are choices with no guarantees. If it is a decision about your career / business / ...