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26 Core Values

by Una Hearne. What are your core values and why would you need to know them? Definitions of values tend to cover two broad concepts. One is the principles or moral values we stand for, or will stand up for (like freedom, respect, honesty etc). We have a deeply ingrained set of beliefs about right and wrong, value judgements which drive our thinking and behaviour. The other is more about the things we value in our lives (relationships, lifestyle, environment, contribution etc). These can be tangible or intangible and are also drivers of ...


25 Positive thinking 2

by Una Hearne I said in a previous blog that you can choose to become a more positive thinker if you want to. For those of you who would like this in theory and are asking 'YES, BUT HOW?' I would like to share a simple technique I use . It has helped me to develop habitually positive thoughts. It appears too simple to work and so is easy to dismiss, however, I find it to be incredibly powerful. Don't take my word for it, try it out yourself. The concept is simple, the practice ...


24 Who you work with matters!

by Una Hearne. It feels great when we work with people we respect and/or like, in a job we enjoy. No job is perfect of course, but generally we know whether we are happy or not overall. If you have ever been stuck in a job where you are constantly exposed to negativity (constant complaining, put downs, bullying, politics, manipulation etc) you will know how stressful it can be. Long term stress, even relatively low grade, as we know, is very destructive for us. Mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. The people you work with can ...


23 Engaging a coach

by Una Hearne. Coaching is an unregulated industry at the moment. Anyone can call themselves a coach and charge people money for what may or may not be coaching. If you think about longer established professions such as medicine, law or accounting, their qualifications, code of ethics and governing bodies provide a lot of protection for clients. It may sometimes be unwieldy and a hindrance but overall, proper regulation does protect people. Paradoxically I'm not hung up on qualifications for some professions, particularly the ones engaged in supporting people in their daily lives. I ...