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33 Positive thinking 3

by Una Hearne. Sometimes it seems to me in the personal development world that people are straining so hard to be POSITIVE and BELIEVE in themselves that I worry for their bowels. It's not actually necessary to burst a blood vessel, being positive and believing in yourself is a matter of choice and practice. Would you like to be more positive and believe in yourself more? For those of you who immediately said 'Yes, BUT...' I'll repeat the question: Would you like it?   And sorry to labour the point but just to be ...


by Una Hearne I hear this so often! I said it myself many years ago. Now I know better. Now I know it is not either /or. Following your dreams and paying your bills are not mutually exclusive. How it works for you and what the right balance (or even compromise if necessary), is not something you can know until you are engaged in figuring it out, in making the decisions and choices, in doing what is necessary to make it happen. It is not uncommon for clients' of mine and course participants (and ...