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37 What is your most valuable asset?

by Una Hearne. If you are thinking 'my house' 'my car' 'my cd collection' 'my rare 13th century whatjamacallit' I'll give you a moment to think again. Are we there yet? Good, well done, yes, it is you. Your brain, body, personality, abilities, experience and everything that makes up the unique and fabulous package that is you. How well do you look after your most valuable asset? Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually? How we care for ourselves in each area impacts naturally on all of the other areas. For example, good food nourishes us physically, makes ...


36 Study what you love

by Una Hearne. When choosing what to study, or helping our kids to choose, we often ask the wrong question:  ‘What should I/you study to guarantee a secure well paid job?’ Please stop asking this. The answer to this genuinely is, nobody knows for sure. It may have been a valid question in the past in the sense that it might have led you into a secure job. However it has also always been true that if you ended up working in something you hated, or grew to hate, you either quit or ...