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45 My reality, Your reality

by Una Hearne. Your perception is your reality. There is no such thing as objective 'reality' All of our experience of life happens in our minds. We take in information about the world, other people and events through our senses. This information is filtered by our brains. We make sense of it through the unique lense of our individual values, beliefs and experiences. This is why the same event can mean totally different things to different people and provoke very different feelings. For example, redundancy or business closure is interpreted by some people as a ...


44 Job security

by Una Hearne. We say 'contracting' and 'permanent job' meaning different things. But a permanent job these days is something we see lasting maybe 3 - 7 years. Most people don't set out looking for a job for life. So aren't permanent jobs and contracts becoming very similar? The only obvious difference is maybe benefits, holiday and sick pay, pension etc. And this is why contractors/consultants are supposed to charge higher daily rates, as they have to provide for all of these for themselves. All things considered it seems a smart approach to work ...