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50 Failure

by Una Hearne. Some definitions: Non performance of something due, required or expected Subnormal quantity or quality (of crops for example) Non functioning (of machine for example) Unsuccessful person or thing. Ok, I can accept a human being can fail to do something. I can see a crop can fail and I get that a machine can fail to work. And I know there is a feeling of failure when something does not work out the way you planned - I've felt that! (Of course a feeling is a feeling, not a fact.) But the more I examine failure in relation ...


49 Intention

by Una Hearne. If you knew for certain that something you were going to do or say would make someone's life better, you'd just go ahead and do it - right? What if you knew for a fact that smiling at the person on the checkout would make them feel better, would you spare them a smile? If telling someone how great they are gave them the courage to go and do something brave and brilliant, would you choose to tell them? If you knew you were influencing a child, just by the way you live and what you say, ...


48 Internships – sink or swim?

by Una Hearne. Interning should be a part of the structure of the world of work. It goes without saying that it should be ethical, worthwhile for everyone involved and fair. It is a risk for a company to take on a permanent employee because if it doesn't work out it costs the company a lot of money. A certain amount of risk is inevitable in any business but too much risk, especially in the high cost area of people, can push a company out of business. And that's not generally good for ...