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63 Core beliefs

by Una Hearne. There are things that you believe to be true - about yourself, other people and the world. These are core beliefs, not objective truths that are the same for everyone, but beliefs masquerading as the truth. Core beliefs are the deeply rooted ones which, until you become aware of them, you don't even know you have. You can hear them in things we say: 'That's just the way it is' 'I am like that' 'I always... I never...' 'People are like that.' If our perceptions were objectively, verifiably, true, we would all have the same ...


by Una Hearne. So here I am sticking my neck out. Publicly. I am in business officially two years and my first business plan didn't work. I made very little money and had to borrow to keep going and try the next plan. I have invested over 200k in education and sacrificed earnings in the past 10 years at a rough guess. I've invested many thousands of hours in my learning, development and my work. I'm earning now but it's not quite sustainable yet. I could run out of money. This kind of financial uncertainty unnerves me ...