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Hi all, Regular readers may have noticed a larger gap between the last two blogs, apologies for the delay in this notice! I am moving to one blog per month from now on and they will be published on the 24th of every month - so won't always be a Thursday as they have been. January's blog went out a little early (truth be told, before I had done the final draft - morto!!) Here's my answer to myself on that one: Remember if you are signed up to receive my blog you won't necessarily be on my main mailing list which ...


66 An everyday hero is harder to be

by Una Hearne. In one sense it's easy to be a hero in a war - just turn up. (No, I'm not saying war is easy I'm saying in an emergency doing anything makes you a hero automatically!) It's a lot harder to feel like a hero if your life seems ordinary to you. This is not because you are not a hero, this is simply because we don't give medals to ordinary people or celebrate our ordinary lives. Being an everyday hero often means not being noticed, or being taken for granted - by ourselves ...