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86 What doesn’t matter?

graphic-6by Una Hearne.

How much money you have.

How many friends you have in reality, or on facebook.



Your qualifications or experience.

Your children’s achievements.

What you look like.

How nice your home or your car is.

What other people think of you.

How long it takes you to do anything.

Whether you are in love and/or have a partner.

Your holidays.

Your work.

The state of your health.

How many obstacles your perceive and overcome.

Your level of confidence and self belief.

Whether you have a dream and whether it manifests.

I could go on…


Are you arguing with me in your head? Have I upset you? Excellent, read on.

Of course, the truth is all of the above matter to us, to some extent. However, everything on this list is ‘form’. The forms that life takes. The surface manifestation. And form never matters over substance.



Being the best version of you. Being true to yourself.

The quality of your relationships.

That your choices make your life better. That what you do and have allows you to enjoy life and to contribute.


That’s what matters.



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