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A Vision gives you the direction

by Una Hearne.

A clear Vision gives you the direction to set off in. I have had countless clients come to me because they don’t know what to do next. Typically they have five or ten perfectly legitimate options for their work or life and are stuck because they can’t decide which is the ‘right’ one for them. This is because we cannot predict the future, there is no guarantees of success in any choice. Boo! I know, if only there was a guide.

This is a modern problem to be sure, the kind of choice we have now is inconceivable to previous generations. I hate to hear people dismiss it as ‘such a first world problem’. As if that makes it not a problem. And everyone stuck is somehow lacking in courage or intelligence. Nonsense. It is a real issue and we are not taught how to deal with it in our education system. So here is the shorthand: The only smart, sensible and realistic way to choose your way forward is to go with your feelings (or instinct/ intuition/ gut – whichever word works best for you). I know this is probably the opposite to what you have been told all your life but it is the truth in my experience. By all means back it up with research and use your brain for all it’s worth, but at the end of the day trust your feelings.

If you choose the direction that feels the best, you want the most and are the most excited by, you will automatically put your best effort and energy into it. Happily, this gives you the greatest chance of success. Additionally you will enjoy the journey as you are moving; and moving towards what you want. Since most of your life is the journey, with a few destinations along the way – it makes sense to enjoy the journey.

Choosing a direction does not mean you can’t change and go somewhere even better if the opportunity arises. It does mean you will be out there in the world doing your thing and that is when you find new people, opportunities and experiences which you couldn’t have predicted. These things tend not to happen if you sit at home waiting for life to find you.

I encourage you to make your Vision for your life the biggest, wildest and most desirable you can make it. I say this, not because I want people to build fantasies, but because in my experience people do not dream big enough for themselves (yes, me too). Limiting yourself in the Vision/Dreaming stage you will limit the possibilities for yourself in reality. If you don’t believe something is possible for you, you will ignore it even if it is offered to you on a plate. So my rule of thumb is: If you can hold something as a possibility – if it is theoretically possible for a human being to make this happen – and you really really really want it, then it’s a legitimate Vision for you. (Unless it is to win the lotto – more on goals not to set in an upcoming blog.)

Before I go just to clarify ‘biggest and wildest’ is related to the Vision which is right for you. Size of Vision does not matter a jot. It is equally valid to want to build a successful business or find a cure for cancer; as it is to want to de-clutter a room or find a little more time for yourself. For example, more time for you: What is the absolute maximum time for yourself you want every day/week? Where is your dream place for it to be? If it scored 20 out of 10, what would it be like for you?

So, WHAT DO YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT? Have a little dream for yourself . 🙂



Pic credit:stevenunderhill. Found on pixabay

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