About Una

I hold Diplomas in Personal Performance and Corporate and Executive coaching and a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner Cert from the Coaching Academy in the UK. I have been coaching private clients for 10 years.

I am also a trainer with 15 years experience of training people into their jobs in both corporate and public sector organisations. I am based in Co Wexford.

It is an extraordinary gift to give yourself time out to think clearly about you and your life. We so rarely do it and yet it is the most rewarding investment you can make. It make all the difference to your quality of life. I specialise in helping you find out what you really want in your work and life and how to go about making it happen. A by-product of this work is greatly increased self confidence and awareness for you.

For more information on how I can help see the page on One to one Coaching and Designing Your FutureTM .

Interview Extracts
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    • Building Real Confidence
    • Finding Your Direction
    • Shifting Limiting Belief’s
    • What I Really Want You To Know
    • My Biggest Influence


Here’s what I’ve learned so far and what I know for sure:

  • We are not afraid of death, we are afraid of not having lived. Of not having mattered.
  • There are limits to what we can do – of course there are – but they are MUCH farther out than we think.
  • You don’t need to believe in yourself or your vision to start taking action. You can build belief as you go.
  • People are not broken and do not require fixing.
  • Written goals work. Sometimes it’s eerie. I call it spooky magic.
  • We are all born equal, have an equal right to be here and deserve to be more happy than sad.
  • Everyone matters.
  • The quality of our thinking directly affects the quality of our lives.
  • Taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives is our true power.
  • The things that hold us back are more often inside us than outside.



The Coaching Academy

I chose to study with the Coaching Academy because of the calibre of people who deliver the training, the level of accreditation, and the integrity and commitment of the organisation to the profession. I continue my studies with the Academy to ensure my continuing professional development.