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by Una Hearne. The immediate results of any one action are usually fairly predictable. Think of putting your glass back on the table after drinking, usually this results in the glass being on the table. It generally doesn't leap off the table or turn into a cow. However, even a little complexity very quickly makes results unpredictable. For example, if I drive to the next town, which route will be quicker? This depends on the traffic, traffic lights, other people's driving and many other things not in my control. I have to take ...


Happiness 11. Spooky magic

by Una Hearne Spooky magic happens with written goals. I have experienced this with my own Vision and goals as well as with clients'. We write specific goals, descriptive, detailed and as fully fleshed out as possible. From houses to job descriptions, life partners to behaviour change with specific results. Vision after Vision, goal after goal has manifested in spooky detail. Not all goals mind you - but far more than you would expect by chance - enough to make it seem like magic. I like to understand things and I like to be ...


        by Una Hearne. There are swamps of information and suggestions out there on goal setting so I'm not going to repeat the most common ones. I'm adding a few principles here which I have come to believe are essential. I hope they are helpful to you. You do NOT have to believe in yourself and your Vision to succeed. I know this isn't the party line in manifesting but I did not believe I could reach my Vision when I created it. After all, I was in the wrong job - which ...


Happiness 9. What do you mean by success?

by Una Hearne. 'They have it all' What exactly do we mean by this? What constitutes 'it all'? They have the money? Lifestyle? Family? Friends? Such nonsense. No one can have it all. It is not possible for one person to own everything in the world. Or to have all the relationships in the world. It is not possible for one person to have every career or adventure that it is now possible to have. No one is superwoman/superman. (They are cartoons not role models) (Also the outfit wouldn't work for everyone). So please ...


Happiness 8. Why create a Vision?

by Una Hearne. So why would you bother creating a Vision for yourself? Well, because that's the way to work with you brain. Consider this, how does a human being make anything happen? How do you get to work in the morning? How do people get married and have children? How do you operate your mobile phone? How did you eat your last meal? How do you put your socks on? How do you figure out what you want to do with your life? How do you find somewhere to live? Believe it or not ...


Happiness 6. Forgiveness

by Una Hearne. Forgive everybody - for everything.  This is a quote from Iyanla Vanzant from her forgiveness course. (Excellent course, not for the faint hearted!) Forgiveness is one of the hardest lessons we have to learn in life. It is also one of the most rewarding to master. Here's what I've learned about forgiveness so far. What forgiveness is NOT: Forgiveness is not for the benefit of the other person (or people). It is for you, it gives you back your power, energy, peace of mind and freedom. Forgiving someone does not mean you are condoning ...


Happiness 5. Gratitude

by Una Hearne. Keeping a gratitude journal is another of these deceptively simple practices which can have real and profound effects in your life. I've written and spoken many times about the importance of refocusing our attention from the negative to the positive. This is so that we balance our natural negative bias and also so that we focus our attention and effort on what we want to create in our lives, and not on what we don't want. Our thinking is mostly automatic. Awareness of what we are thinking and the ability to refocus, is ...


Happiness 4. Acceptance

by Una Hearne Acceptance is the final stage of the process of coming to terms with major life events. The Grief Cycle (denial, anger, bargaining, depression/ grief, acceptance) is familiar to most of us and is a useful framework although we don't go through it in a nice linear organised way. We bounce around the different feelings until we somehow get through it. The reason acceptance is so important is that you cannot move forward without it, you can't get to a better place. If you can't face the reality of what has happened to ...


Happiness 3. Where’s your evidence?

by Una Hearne. Continuing with simple practices to change your mindset, this one is about questioning your limiting beliefs. This is not about trying to live in a fantasy world where you believe in candy floss clouds and unicorns, although your welcome to if it helps. I'm talking here about believing the truth. Your truth. Taking your limiting beliefs and really examining them to see if they are true. If you are not sure what a limiting belief is or which ones you have, finish the following sentences. Don't think too much just note the first ...


Happiness 2. What does this mean about you?

by Una Hearne. The practices which improve your quality of life tend to be so simple we dismiss them. That's a pity since they can make a huge difference to our quality of life. Today, I'm going to suggest reframing as a practice. Your experience of life happens in your head. Your perception and interpretation of life is your reality. Now, some events and behaviour will trigger instant negative emotions in all of us - betrayal, bereavement, disappointment etc. These initial reactions and emotions are quite natural. They are not the majority of your life experience ...