Books I Love

Time to Think
By Nancy Kline
Should be mandatory reading for all human beings. Brilliant manual on human interaction and communication, changes the quality of attention you give to other people.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
By Stephen R Covey
An established standard. Like having a wise mentor to hand. Rings with truth. All parents should read the first chapter ‘Inside out’.

Life Strategies
By Dr. Phil McGrath
Not big on his TV show but this book is as good as the ‘7 Habits’ for setting out some basic life laws. Down to earth, easy to read and rings with truth. Good exercises in the back – they take longer than you think when you start!

Feel the fear and do it anyway
By Susan Jeffers
Another established standard. With good reason. If fear or anxiety is stopping you moving forward this book can really help.

Living your best life
By Laura Berman Fortgang.
LBF is one of the best known life coaches, nearly every page of mine seems to be underlined – it’s good.

The hungry spirit
Charles Handy
If you suspect there might be something wrong with the system and there might be a higher purpose in all of our lives, every page will resonate. Actually, even if you don’t, every page will resonate.

By Jamie Smart
How thinking, feelings, actions and results are related. Where all of your feelings come from.


The Cheese Mall
By Bernie Tracey
If you are thinking of starting a business read this book. It takes an hour to read and demystifies marketing, business plans and all that stuff that you didn’t think you could do. Brilliant.


Coaching for Performance
By John Whitmore
One of the original coaches wrote this manual. Explains coaching extremely well and describes how it works. Brilliant.

Real Coaching and Feedback
By J K Smart
If you are managing people, this is the only book you need. It is short – not a word wasted – clear and helpful.

Leadership without easy answers
Ronald A Heifetz
Enlightening. It’s about real leadership, not the illusion of bossing other people around.

The No Asshole Rule
By Robert Sutton
Articulates clearly what is and is not bullying. Practical and helpful.

What Color is your Parachute?
By Richard Nelson Bolles
The job hunter’s bible. The standard joke about this book is that nobody knows how it ends because they have a job before they finish it.

Redundancy – A development opportunity for you!  
By Frank Scott-Lennon, Brian McIvor, Fergus Barry
Available from
Very useful little book produced in Ireland. Some of it derivative of ‘What Color is your Parachute’ – in a good way. Should be handed out with redundancy packages.

The Career Book
By Jane Downes
Describes nine internal saboteurs – you will recognise yourself in some of them! Can give you real insight into your behaviour. Lovely writing style, easy and fun to read. Few chapters at the end with helpful CV and Interview tips.


The Tipping Point. Outliers. Blink
All by Malcolm Gladwell
Three books – brilliant education about life and people and how we operate. Very enjoyable to read as they tickle the brain.