Happiness 5. Gratitude

by Una Hearne. Keeping a gratitude journal is another of these deceptively simple practices which can have real and profound effects in your life. I've written and spoken many times about the importance of refocusing our attention from the negative to the positive. This is so that we balance our natural negative bias and also so that we focus our attention and effort on what we want to create in our lives, and not on what we don't want. Our thinking is mostly automatic. Awareness of what we are thinking and the ability to refocus, is ...


Happiness 4. Acceptance

by Una Hearne Acceptance is the final stage of the process of coming to terms with major life events. The Grief Cycle (denial, anger, bargaining, depression/ grief, acceptance) is familiar to most of us and is a useful framework although we don't go through it in a nice linear organised way. We bounce around the different feelings until we somehow get through it. The reason acceptance is so important is that you cannot move forward without it, you can't get to a better place. If you can't face the reality of what has happened to ...


Happiness 3. Where’s your evidence?

by Una Hearne. Continuing with simple practices to change your mindset, this one is about questioning your limiting beliefs. This is not about trying to live in a fantasy world where you believe in candy floss clouds and unicorns, although your welcome to if it helps. I'm talking here about believing the truth. Your truth. Taking your limiting beliefs and really examining them to see if they are true. If you are not sure what a limiting belief is or which ones you have, finish the following sentences. Don't think too much just note the first ...


Happiness 2. What does this mean about you?

by Una Hearne. The practices which improve your quality of life tend to be so simple we dismiss them. That's a pity since they can make a huge difference to our quality of life. Today, I'm going to suggest reframing as a practice. Your experience of life happens in your head. Your perception and interpretation of life is your reality. Now, some events and behaviour will trigger instant negative emotions in all of us - betrayal, bereavement, disappointment etc. These initial reactions and emotions are quite natural. They are not the majority of your life experience ...


Happiness 1. What is your most valuable asset?

by Una Hearne. For the rest of this year I will be re-running updated blogs. It's going to be a kind of course in happiness - focusing on mindset first and later in the year vision and action. So to kick us off - what is your most valuable asset? If you are thinking 'my house' 'my car' 'my cd collection' 'my rare 13th century whatjamacallit' I'll give you a moment to think again. Are we there yet? Good, well done, yes, it is you. Your brain, body, personality, abilities, experience and everything else that makes up ...