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Designing Your Future Seminars

Personal development seminars to make your working life better

You already have all of the wisdom and answers you need to live the best life for you. These seminars give you precious time out for yourself to access this wisdom and get the clarity you need to make the best choices for you.

*I am not running seminars at the moment as I am focusing on creating an online version of this programme. This will make this transformational programme available to so many more people. The information on this page will give you an idea of what will be included in the programme.

Contents – On this page you will find:

    • Spooky Magic

Click on the video below to see a clip of a DYF™ Seminar

Click on the video below to see a clip of a DYF™ Seminar


Click on the video below to see a clip of a DYF™ Seminar

Seminar topics

1 Take one step forward

Introduces the seminars and demonstrates how coaching works. This is so you get the best value from the seminars since they are based on the coaching process and the workshops are group coaching*. *See note above

Workshop – A pure coaching session using the GROW model. Bring along an issue and this workshop will help you to move forward with it. Yes, really, any issue!

2 The importance of having a vision

This is about how our brains work and why having a Vision (goal, mission, aim, dream, plan…) is so important. I will be talking about the power of written goals – spooky magic! – and your super power. Yes you have one. We all do.

Workshop – Questions to get you started thinking about what you want in your life and how you can use your super power to make your life better now.

3 Your values – what’s really important?

Values are not the only way you can explore who you really are but they are a very efficient way to identify what is most important in your life and what makes you tick. How values operate in your life and how values help you understand other people. (Why other people are aliens! :-))

Workshop – Identifying your core values.

4 What’s Great about YOU?

We forget or take for granted most of what is great about us. Wouldn’t it be good to be able to talk about yourself easily and confidently, without sounding like you are giving a sales pitch or boasting? The role of awareness in confidence.

Workshop – Using the same ‘What’s Great’ workshop as the 3 day programme, because you simply cannot do it enough! You will re-discover all the things that are great about you.

5 Communicating your message

Looking at situations where we might want to communicate who we are, what we have to offer and what we want. How to prepare your message and how to deliver. Why this is a process and not an event.

Workshop – Helping you to create a message for a specific situation.

6 Your Vision – getting to your truth and getting specific

How to inspire yourself with your Vision (goal, mission, aim, dream, plan…). How do you know your Vision is realistic and right for you? Public and private vision.

Workshop – Using a series of questions to help you identify everything you know about your vision, after which you will have the information to write your vision for yourself.

7 Journey Goals – how to make your vision your reality

These are the milestones, the big chunky goals that need to be completed for your vision to be a reality. How to identify them, write them and how to break them down into action steps.

Workshop – Questions to help you identify the journey goals you will need to achieve to make your vision a reality.

8 But it’s not realistic!… Or is it?

In this seminar I’ll be looking at the beliefs and assumptions we have and make, which cause us to self- sabotage, often repeatedly. We will also look at the negative bias which often makes us think the more negative option is the more realistic. Realistic is evidence based, not pessimistic or negative. Your super power again.

Workshop – Questions to help you uncover limiting beliefs and test assumptions.

9 There are always more options

Understanding the wisdom of generating options before we jump into action. The more options you generate the more real opportunities you create in your life. How to generate a ton of options. Getting unstuck and moving forward.

Workshop – Bring an issue you feel stuck on – we will be focusing on generating as many options as possible for something you feel is limiting for you.

10 Your Plan, Your Way

There is a reason no one planning template or method works for everyone – we each perceive the world in a unique way. When you are creating a plan for a team or organisation it must be in a standard form everyone can understand and buy into. But your plan for you can be any size, shape or description. Whatever works best for you, is the right plan for you. Private and public plans. Examples.

Workshop – Getting started creating a plan for you.

11 All obstacles are opportunities

There are reliable ways of transforming ANY obstacle into a set of opportunities. How to use questions to transform obstacles into opportunities. The Shinuna model for the tough ones.

Workshop – A demonstration of the Shinuna model – we will take the most difficult problem volunteered in the room and transform it as a group.

12 Strategies you use and resources you have

Why I think analysing your behaviour in terms of strengths and weaknesses is rubbish. How much more powerful it is to think in terms of strategies we use. Also we will cover the huge resources we have which we busily ignore while we focus on our problems and worry away at them. Awareness allows you to get better results.

Workshop – Identifying your resources in relation to one issue.

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Click on the video below to see a clip of a DYF™ Seminar

Tips for getting the most from DYF

  • Treat yourself to a special notebook or folder to collect all your notes from the seminars and any related work you do between seminars. It is very powerful to see your own personal development journey taking shape.
  • Attend all of the seminars in order as the learning and workshops build on each other in the same way as the DYF 3 day intensive programme.
  • Set actions for yourself each month and check in the day before each seminar to assess for yourself how you are doing. Download the Seminar Prep Form to help you with your thinking.
  • Set an intention for each seminar. It only needs to be a 10 second thought at the beginning of each seminar, what outcome do you want to achieve for yourself in this seminar? This will enhance your engagement and what you get out of the evening.
  • Above all – enjoy! Talk to others, have a laugh and take the time out to think about YOU and your life.

You can apply the learning and insights from DYF seminars to any area of your life. So while there will be a focus on work, it is not intended to be restrictive and you can substitute ‘life’ or ‘personal life’ or whatever aspect of your life you want to work on. Indeed it is not possible to separate your working life from the rest of your life.

Is Designing Your Future for you?

The principles and process you learn in these seminars help you to move forward in your life and are most effective if you are already thinking about how you want to progress in some area. Consequently there are a variety of life situations where DYF can help you (in no particular order):

  • I’m fairly happy with my work and am ready to take it to the next level
  • I’m starting a business and want it to be successful
  • I’m miserable in my job and want to change for the better
  • I’m Unemployed and want to work at something which is right for me
  • I want to discover my passion and work at something I love
  • I’m a mother, I want to work part time / flexible hours and continue to contribute my talents, knowledge and experience
  • I want my work to have meaning and impact
  • I want a better work/life balance
  • I want to plan for an interesting and active retirement


Click on the video below to see a clip of a DYF™ Seminar

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