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Happiness 10. Principles for great Vision and Goal setting





by Una Hearne.

There are swamps of information and suggestions out there on goal setting so I’m not going to repeat the most common ones. I’m adding a few principles here which I have come to believe are essential. I hope they are helpful to you.

  • You do NOT have to believe in yourself and your Vision to succeed. I know this isn’t the party line in manifesting but I did not believe I could reach my Vision when I created it. After all, I was in the wrong job – which I had to keep to pay my rent; I didn’t know the right people; I couldn’t afford to study full time; I hadn’t the energy to do it part time and; at 34 obviously I was too old.
    I could see no way of becoming a coach, trainer and writer. It was a mad dream. But I gave it a lash anyway and became all three. With every little step I built a little bit of belief. Don’t wait until you are confident, start when you know what you want.
  • Confide in people who genuinely support you . Family and friends who try to talk you out of trying something new are generally coming from a place of love. They want to prevent you facing disappointment or failure. This is not always helpful. I confided in my friends who supported and encouraged me to do what I wanted.
  • It does not matter how small the actions you take are. Results accumulate in an astonishing way. You’ll be amazed how quickly big things happen even when you feel you are not doing enough. And in the end it absolutely does not matter how long it takes. What matters is every step you take makes your life better and more fun. Even the difficult times and obstacles are ok because you are enjoying the journey and you know where you’re going.
  • Focus on what you WANT and not on what you don’t want. Our subconscious can be our greatest ally. But it does not distinguish on the basis of want/not want do/don’t do. It ‘sees’ only pictures or concepts. If you say to yourself ‘I must not eat cake’ you will most likely picture cake and want it immediately. Terrible idea. If you say ‘I want to be slim and healthy’ and picture yourself that way- your subconscious will get behind this idea and help you get there.
    It is especially important to understand this point if you are in a bad situation. If you dwell on your terrible job, poverty or toxic relationship you will entangle yourself further in it. This is not a contradiction with acceptance. There is a world of difference between facing the reality of where you are in order to move on; and wallowing in it, brooding and ruminating. You want to spend a LOT longer imagining the reality you want, while accepting where you are. What you focus on grows.
  • Deadlines are important when you are planning. But in the area of personal and life plans they can be unhelpful if not approached properly. If your deadlines are realistic for you, energise you and help you achieve your goals, well done, carry on.
    However many of us are not realistic about deadlines. If we allow missing a deadline to make us feel like a failure we can beat ourselves up for no good reason or worse, give up our dreams. Pointless. Put deadlines in your plan, ones that make you feel excited. But do not use them as a measure of success if they turn out to be unrealistic. If you miss one, change it. The Vision is still valid. I change almost every deadline I set because I am so unrealistic about what I can actually manage. I always want everything done the minute I think of it. Adjusting deadlines as I go, far from sabotaging my success, allows me to achieve my goals. And that leads me to the most important point…
  • Self awareness is key. Learning what works and doesn’t work for you. What works for one person will not necessarily work for another. You are the only person who can discover what works for you. Try things out, reflect on how things are going for you, notice your feelings and what you are saying to yourself. Getting to know yourself is a joy because you are fabulous. You are – I checked.



Pic credit: Pexels. Found on pixabay

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