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Happiness 11. Spooky magic

by Una Hearne

Spooky magic happens with written goals. I have experienced this with my own Vision and goals as well as with clients’.

We write specific goals, descriptive, detailed and as fully fleshed out as possible. From houses to job descriptions, life partners to behaviour change with specific results. Vision after Vision, goal after goal has manifested in spooky detail. Not all goals mind you – but far more than you would expect by chance – enough to make it seem like magic.

I like to understand things and I like to be able to repeat success. So over the years I’ve developed some ideas of  what I think is going on with spooky magic:

  • The very act of writing our goals makes them more real to us. What we fill our minds with is our experience, it is our reality. The minute we write goals down they seem more real to us, it’s like we are admitting that we want them and they might be possible for us. Suddenly they are external and we see them clearly. This is often frightening, we fear judgement or ridicule by others, we fear failure and this prevents many people from writing goals. Fear is there to protect you and you are blessed to have it but allowing it to run your life limits you. At the end of life most people regret the things they really wanted but were afraid to try for.
  • We filter information. According to some sources we are only conscious of 10% of what comes in through our senses.
    Try this experiment right now – become aware of all the sounds and sights around you. What can you smell and taste? What physical sensations can you feel? How much more information is available to your senses than you are conscious of at any moment? How much do you constantly filter out?
    The information we filter for is based on what is important to us, our values, our beliefs, our fears. If we have written Vision and goals, we become more conscious of them. Because they are important to us we filter more for them and so we notice more opportunities and information related to our goals. It appears that we become weirdly lucky, the universe seems to conspire to help us. It’s not our imagination or some mysterious force, it’s simply us changing our focus.
  • Being more conscious of our Vision on a daily basis influences the choices we make, even the small unconscious choices. It is as if we programme our brains with the Vision and we automatically start to make choices and take actions that move us towards that.  Seemingly tiny  insignificant choices we make every day build up some serious momentum.

In a way it is magic, real magic, the way our brains work.

The one thing I want to add and emphasise is that I don’t believe just writing them makes them happen. It is essential to take some action towards your dreams. Or even lots of action.  Imagining and then just wishing and believing doesn’t works. Tiny steps towards your Vision gets you there.

Naturally, I don’t expect you to take my word for it, try it out for yourself!



Pic credit:Hans. Found on pixabay

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