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Happiness 12. Creating a representation of your Vision

by Una Hearne.

Once you know what you want it is very powerful to get that Vision out of your mind and into your environment in a way that will keep it real for you. Something to remind you every day of what you are moving towards. A clear Vision gives you direction, keeps you motivated and helps you make choices, among other things. Most importantly if you are in a situation you don’t want it helps you to focus on what you do want instead.

Vision boards are the usual suggestion for a physical representation, and they are great. However, I have found working with clients that it is a mistake to be too prescriptive about how to make a physical representation of your Vision. You may be familiar with the idea of sensory styles – Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic being the main ones. Most of us have, and use, all five senses of course. What you can notice is that you will have a preference for one or two of these when it comes to learning and expressing yourself. A very rough way to get an idea of your preferred style is to answer this: when you get a new mobile phone do you: 1) read the instructions or watch someone doing it? 2) ask someone to explain it and listen carefully? 3) push all the buttons and fiddle with it till you have figured it out?

If you create your Vision in a way that serves your preferred style(s) best it will be more effective for you.

So for Visual preference a Vision board or written Vision will work well, notice whether you prefer words or pictures or both. For Auditory style you might record yourself describing your Vision and play it to yourself regularly, or you might find talking to people about it works better. If you are predominantly Kinaesthetic you may find an object/model or group of objects placed deliberately might be just the ticket for you.

My Vision board has written paragraphs and pictures since my dominant style is Visual and I love words and pictures equally. My strongly Auditory clients came alive when they were given time and space to talk about their Visions. A few clients who were strongly Kinaesthetic by preference found Vision boards or talking did nothing for them. Yet objects connected them to their Vision like magic. In fact one client realised she had a drawer already filled with the objects which expressed her Vision. She took them out and displayed them to inspire herself.

You will know when you have your authentic Vision because looking at/ hearing/ touching it will give you butterflies of excitement.

I dare you to have a play with different ways to represent your Vision and see what works for you. 🙂


Pic credit:Wokandapix. Found on pixabay

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