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Happiness 16. Planning and reality

by Una Hearne.

Making a plan is a reality test in a sense. Obviously the real test will be when you take the action but planning can save lots of heartache. You can anticipate obstacles and be ready for them while your neck is not actually on the line so to speak. Planning is simply exploring on paper. There will be plenty of obstacles you don’t anticipate, but at least this way you will be more prepared and confident.

Like Walt Disney in the April blog it is useful to adopt the mindset that what you want is possible and your job with planning is simply to figure out what steps are needed. If you have a lot of fear about it you can try this: imagine it’s someone else’s vision and you have been hired to do the plan. For some people this one-step-removed approach really works.

And if that doesn’t work and you feel almost certain you will fail you can try another angle altogether. Imagine you have to prove to someone that it is impossible and do the plan to show why it won’t work. It sounds backwards but meeting yourself where you are right now is empowering. In the unlikely event you do prove it is impossible, think how much more satisfying to let an idea go for good reason and not just out of fear. You won’t have to spend the rest of your life wondering ‘what if?’.

There are a couple of things to bear in mind. My beloved personal development industry does sometimes make ridiculous claims. The whole world of law of attraction and Visioning to my mind sometimes makes claims that are just plain wrong.

The first is that you can literally manifest anything just by thinking right –  that every thought you think manifests in reality. Yes, your thinking matters greatly but if every thought manifested – there would be dragons.

The second is that you must believe in yourself and your Vision and disallow any doubts of negative thoughts in your mind. That’s delusional. Doubt and negative thoughts are perfectly natural and exist to protect us. If is your response to them that matter. We need to distinguish between those based in reality and those in fear. Fear based thoughts are often taken to be more ‘realistic’ – they are no more realistic that joy and belief thoughts. This is where paying attention and knowing yourself makes a huge difference to your results.

I believe in real magic. Everyday practical magic. Creating something which does not yet exist is natural to humans. So I don’t say “You can do anything, you just have to believe in yourself”. No. I say “Sure give it a lash, you never know – it might work!”

Don’t take my word for it, or anything, try it out for yourself 🙂


Pic credit: hauteteazedesigns. Found on pixabay

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