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Happiness 21. Celebrate- how to stay motivated

by Una Hearne.

The immediate results of any one action are usually fairly predictable. Think of putting your glass back on the table after drinking, usually this results in the glass being on the table. It generally doesn’t leap off the table or turn into a cow.

However, even a little complexity very quickly makes results unpredictable. For example, if I drive to the next town, which route will be quicker? This depends on the traffic, traffic lights, other people’s driving and many other things not in my control. I have to take my best guess.

And then we get to the big ones: Will this job be right for me? Should I marry that person? Should I invest my money in this house? Do I want children? Which choice will make me happiest in the long term?

We can’t possibly predict the outcome of any of these choices with certainty. We are not psychic. I don’t believe anyone is. (Although if you think you are – I will accept next week’s winning Euro millions numbers emailed to me by Thursday morning as proof)

When we set goals we cannot predict, never mind control, the outcome. What we have control over is our choices and actions. Therefore the effort we put in to these should be recognised as the greater part of our achievement.

Count a victory for everything positive you do in pursuit of any goal, for example:

  • Did you create a vision or goals?
  • Did you make a plan?
  • Did you take action? Research? Talk to people? Try things out?
  • Did you build good relationships? Did you help someone?
  • Did you question, listen and learn?
  • Did you take one step in support of a better quality of life for you?
  • Did you change and adapt plans as you went along?
  • Were you your own best friend?
  • Did you rest adequately?

Here’s the genius bit – measure your success in terms of the actions you take – celebrate every positive thing you do because you build on success. Recognise each step taken is part of the process and is a success in itself, no matter the outcome. If you celebrate the fact that you took each step you build confidence and motivation as you go. And as we know, the better frame of mind you are in, the more successful your actions are likely to be. Neat, eh?

It makes ZERO sense to consider yourself successful only if the outcome is exactly what you set out to achieve. You are successful from the very first step. And please remember the size of goal does not matter in the least – it applies to cleaning your kitchen as much as to changing your whole life.

Count a victory for every step you take, rest, and then take the next step.

Pic credit: geralt. Found on pixabay

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