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Happiness 8. Why create a Vision?

by Una Hearne.

So why would you bother creating a Vision for yourself? Well, because that’s the way to work with you brain.

Consider this, how does a human being make anything happen?

How do you get to work in the morning? How do people get married and have children? How do you operate your mobile phone? How did you eat your last meal? How do you put your socks on? How do you figure out what you want to do with your life? How do you find somewhere to live?

Believe it or not the unconscious process by which you make all of these, and anything else you do, happen is the same:

  1. You decide what you want – you create a representation of it in your mind – a Vision
  2. You plan how you will make it happen
  3. You take action – dealing with obstacles as they arise

Your Vision may be a picture, a feeling or just a knowing. It might be clear or vague, conscious or unconscious, important or trivial. This representation or concept in your mind is always created before we plan or take action. These steps happen very rapidly and unconsciously for the small stuff, like having breakfast. It only matters that you are aware of the process when it comes to the big things in life which you want to achieve.

The moment we have a Vision or idea is the moment we most often derail. Instead of getting clear about what we actually want, we jump straight into thinking about the ‘how’ we can make it happen. We think of all the obstacles and things that might go wrong and talk ourselves out of it. If we are still enthusiastic we tell our family or friends about it and they will obligingly shoot it down.

It can be even more debilitating if we are in a bad situation and are desperate to get out. We can spend hours thinking about how awful it is and dismiss any ideas we have out of fear that they won’t work or will make things worse. So we stay where we are because it feels safer even when we hate it. In fact having a clear Vision gives us an immeasurably greater chance of creating a better life – no matter where you are starting from.

A Vision makes a plan possible and this will show you how possible the Vision actually is. The obstacles which would have caused you to ditch the whole thing before you start, become merely research goals. For example a research goal might be to learn how to do something or find someone who could help you.  Obstacles become part of the plan and not show stoppers. A clear and exciting Vision pulls you forward and gives you a compelling reason to turn obstacles into stepping stones.



Pic credit:. Geralt  Found on pixabay

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