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34 Hold your dream lightly

graphic-6by Una Hearne.

(Note I always use the word vision – if you don’t like this word or it doesn’t resonate with you please substitute whichever of the following you prefer:  goal, dream, outcome, mission, objective, desire, aim, target, intention, destination).

It is good practice to have a vision for your life. To be a conscious participant in creating your life.

The important thing is to have a specific direction to set off in. The next most important thing is not to be too rigid about the outcomes. Hold your vision lightly, be prepared to adapt or change it.

There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that you can’t predict the opportunities that will come up as you go about the business of making your dreams come true. It is when we are out there in the world making things happen that unexpected opportunities appear. The other is, when we create a vision we often limit ourselves simply because we can’t imagine much beyond our current reality. As our confidence grows and we achieve each step we often naturally expand our vision.

We may end up with a different, equally good outcome, or something far better than we could have imagined. The key is to be flexible enough to be able to change direction without hopping all over the place.  It is your responsibility to decide when to stick to the plan and when an unexpected opportunity justifies changing direction or taking a detour. It is your responsibility to forge a path through life that is right for you, unique to you and brings you happiness.

I realise this sounds like it might be a difficult balance to achieve, but you can relax completely, this is real life and you won’t get it right all the time. It is likely to be a muddle quite a lot of the time and you will make plenty of mistakes and poor choices. This is all part of the journey and part of being human. YAY!

Having a dream makes it far more likely we will live a richer, more conscious life. We do best when we remember it isn’t necessarily achieving the exact details of the dream that matters, but the trip, the everyday stuff that makes up our experience of life. The fun, the achievement, the people we meet, the stuff we share, the doing stuff we enjoy doing. The living of a life rather than just drifting through wondering when it’s going to begin.

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