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45 My reality, Your reality

graphic-1by Una Hearne.

Your perception is your reality.

There is no such thing as objective ‘reality’ All of our experience of life happens in our minds.

We take in information about the world, other people and events through our senses. This information is filtered by our brains. We make sense of it through the unique lense of our individual values, beliefs and experiences. This is why the same event can mean totally different things to different people and provoke very different feelings.

For example, redundancy or business closure is interpreted by some people as a catastrophe, a failure, a huge problem. For others it is a natural part of the journey, maybe something to learn from that will make us stronger and more successful. Yes others interpret it as a great opportunity to stop for a while and reassess, choose a new direction, make a new plan. Whether any experience is interpreted as positive or negative is entirely down to our unique perception.

There is no right or wrong interpretation of events. We each perceive the world from a unique point of view. And we have the power to choose our attitude. To change our interpretation, perception or the meaning we give to any event. If the way we interpret things makes us angry, miserable, resentful then we can change it. I am not saying it’s easy, I’m saying perfectly possible. Your choice.

What we do not have, is the right to judge the way anyone else perceives the world. Their programming was installed in just the same way yours was – they picked up beliefs and values just like you did. Their experiences strengthened or weakened their beliefs and values, just as yours did. Judgement is inappropriate in this area and mostly unhelpful.

Talking about your perception and others’ perceptions is appropriate and valuable. Sharing knowledge and insight in order to connect in better ways and learn from each other is always good. Monitoring your own programming and engaging with your development as a human being is appropriate and valuable. Supporting others in their journeys is also appropriate and good. (Supporting NEVER means imposing your opinions or beliefs or trying to ‘fix’ another person.)

The world is the way it is for you. The same world may be entirely different in reality to the person beside you. And that’s ok.


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