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graphic-1by Una Hearne.

Sometimes it seems to me in the personal development world that people are straining so hard to be POSITIVE and BELIEVE in themselves that I worry for their bowels. It’s not actually necessary to burst a blood vessel, being positive and believing in yourself is a matter of choice and practice.

Would you like to be more positive and believe in yourself more? For those of you who immediately said ‘Yes, BUT…’ I’ll repeat the question: Would you like it?   And sorry to labour the point but just to be clear, I’m definitely not asking whether you believe it’s possible for you or if you know how, simply, do you want to be more positive and believe in yourself more?

Yes? Good. Moving on.

Here are some of my tips – from my studies in the university of real life and real people:

  • ACCEPT where you are now. Really be ok with it. This saves enormous amounts of energy worrying about it. No matter what is going on, you are here and it is ok.
  • Accept that your feelings are valid. Feelings come and go, negative feelings can be stickier. If you are stuck in negative feelings, that’s ok, that is how it is now. You can choose to refocus on something positive when you are ready.
  • As explained in a previous blog ‘Positive thinking 2’ you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Over time this can change the positivity level of our habitual thinking.
  • In personal development or working on goals of any kind, take steps that are the right size for you. Giant leaps if that is what motivates you, baby steps if that works better for you. Fractions of baby steps if necessary. There is no right speed or direction, only what is right for you.
  • Acknowledge every step you take. Celebrate it. We build confidence and self belief when we acknowledge to ourselves what we have achieved.
  • When you get knocked back, understand that this is just part of the journey. Give yourself a break. Waste no time in resentment, blame or regret. Learn and move on.
  • Take proper breaks and rest. You cannot remain positive and think clearly if you are not working, resting and playing in a balance that is healthy for you.

This is a little sprinkling of tips that occur to me today. There are many more available from all sorts of sources. Try everything and do more of what works for you. Remember there is no right or wrong way to operate in life, there are no rules about how you ‘should’ think or feel. There is only what is right for and works for you.


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