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27 Size doesn’t matter

graphic-2by Una Hearne.

Sometimes in coaching it’s not about big dramatic external change like a change of career, moving country or starting the next multinational corporation. Sometimes a small internal shift can change your life. A change of perspective, a shift in beliefs, a re-direction of strategy.

Clients often come to coaches saying they want to change career, to do something completely different, they are bored or fed up or never really wanted the career they have. Some do change to a completely different area, some change aspects of their career and some change nothing external at all. All of them change something internal and that change is the important thing. No matter what the external changes, once the internal work is done, people are far more confident and happier.

Examples of the sort of internal shifts I mean are:

  • Recognising their own value, making decisions from a position of confidence and power.
  • Realising they are responsible for themselves and have the right to make choices for themselves. Trusting their own judgement.
  • Changing a way of responding to a situation and getting very different results after years of repeating the same pattern.
  • Learning to see others genuinely as equals and connecting as equals instead of creating parent child relationships.
  • Getting past the debilitating fear of leaving a secure job and engaging with the work they love.

This is a tiny sample, each person’s development and journey is unique and the shift or change needed is unique to them. It takes time and skilled questioning to help a client to identify what is holding them back and what they need to change to move forward. It is pointless to guess what is going on and worse than useless to prescribe solutions. Each person has the answers for themselves and my job as a coach is to help them to access their own wisdom and solutions.

The sort of change my clients achieve, at deeper levels of belief and perception tend to be permanent and impact all areas of their lives. This is why coaching results in all sorts of unexpected benefits as well as the area the client is focusing on.



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