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Happiness 15. The secret of planning

by Una Hearne. Of course there's no secret! If there were you wouldn't find so many different theories, methods, models and templates. Here's why - our minds work differently. Uniquely as it happens, so there couldn't be one way that would work for everyone. Most of the methods you find will work for some people and there are a few popular methods which work for the majority to some degree. The more people involved in implementing a plan - in business for example - the simpler and clearer the plan has to be to ...


81 How to set good boundaries

by Una Hearne. Setting good boundaries with other people is about honouring yourself - recognising you are as valuable and worthy as everyone else. Are you the type who always says yes - likes to do anything for anyone? We are hardwired to help each other - survival and flourishing for humans has always meant collaborating. Wanting to help and support others is a wonderful impulse and is good for everyone. When we help others we feel great, right up to the point where it is inappropriate or is taking too much from us. Then we feel ...


52 Starting a business the easy way!

by Una Hearne. Flagrant use of attention grabbing title. Apologies. Of course there is no easy way. I am good at asking people for advice and help. So when I started my business I found successful clever people and asked their advice. Let me tell you what I have learned about setting up a business:   There are a few standard things everyone tells you - and they are right: Do a business plan; Understand the money and keep the accounts straight; pay your taxes correctly; Make sure you know what you need to about the law ...


46 Why are you procrastinating?

by Una Hearne. 'You just need a bit of will power'. Common cry. Well, what if I'm no good at will power? And I can assure you, I'm not. What then? Will power, at best, only works for short periods of time. It is only useful in that couple of seconds when you are choosing between immediate temptation and long term benefit. While it can be useful to help you make the right choice or get you back on track when distracted, will power is not a sustainable or reliable force over time and it takes ...


22 Is it realistic to dream?

by Una Hearne. I spend a lot of time as a coach and trainer trying to crowbar people's minds open long enough to allow them to dream for themselves. We are brought up to be deeply suspicious of dreams. Not the dreams we have when we sleep, but the dreams we can imagine for our future in the real world, beyond our current experience. We often react to each other's dreams for the future as if they are nonsense - as if we are completely mad to think bigger for ourselves. And yet, imagining ...


by Una Hearne. ABSOLUTELY NOT. Every time I heard someone say 'You have to believe in yourself if you want to make it', I felt a knot in my stomach. 'What'   I thought   'If I just don't?' Should I just give up now? When I first dreamed of being a coach, trainer and writer, I couldn't see how it was possible. I didn't have the qualifications, any relevant experience, didn't know any of the right people, had no money to study, little energy at the end of every working day and I had to keep my crappy ...