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Una’s little world 29. Stress

by Una Hearne. Isn't it wonderful when you are on the very edge of your last nerve and someone tells you to 'Relax' or 'Calm down'. So helpful. So we all know the feeling of stress. Covid-19 has raised the stress level of the entire human race all at once. That's never happened before. We are past the initial high stress of shock and we are now dealing with a lower level, but ongoing stress. Stress shows up mentally/emotionally as anxiety and/or depression and/or anger. If stress continues it will show up in our ...


61 Mindfulness

by Una Hearne. I was hearing a lot about mindfulness and being in the moment recently and I began to think about how it applies to my life. I do experience being fully present in my work. When I am coaching someone, training or writing I find my full focus is on what is going on, the rest of the world could fall around me and I wouldn't notice I am so absorbed. Time disappears and I never want to be anywhere other than where I am right then. I don't really experience that any other time except maybe when I ...


by Una Hearne. One of the key skills in coaching is listening. Listening in a way that we don't often encounter in our lives. For me, the best description is by Nancy Kline in her book Time to Think. In the introduction she describes how her mother listened to them as children: "She simply gave us attention. But the quality of that attention was catalytic." Nancy then goes on to describe how later studies of thinking in students showed that: "The important factor in whether or not they could think for themselves, afresh, at a ...