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Happiness 20. Motivation – Set up for success

        by Una Hearne There are only two reasons human beings will take action: We enjoy the activity - say eating chocolate for example. We really, really want the outcome - say exercising or cleaning the house. Clearly there is no problem with motivation when we enjoy the activity. And I know a lot of you would put exercising in the first category above, I can hear you shouting :-). What we enjoy is, of course, different for everyone. So how do we make sure the things we are less enthusiastic about doing get done? ...


59 One way to build your confidence

by Una Hearne. You can build your own deep-seated, unshakeable, authentic confidence with a very simple daily practice:  Acknowledge everything brilliant you do, every success, every step, no matter how small. Simple! Well, if we could remember to do it, it would be! So this is a reminder. Please bear in mind I am not saying ignore mistakes or areas you can improve. This is good valuable stuff but becomes destructive if it is all you ever focus on, or even if you focus on the negative more than the positive. Human beings build on success - ...