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66 An everyday hero is harder to be

by Una Hearne. In one sense it's easy to be a hero in a war - just turn up. (No, I'm not saying war is easy I'm saying in an emergency doing anything makes you a hero automatically!) It's a lot harder to feel like a hero if your life seems ordinary to you. This is not because you are not a hero, this is simply because we don't give medals to ordinary people or celebrate our ordinary lives. Being an everyday hero often means not being noticed, or being taken for granted - by ourselves ...


21 Positive thinking 1

by Una Hearne. Habitually positive thinkers are happier than habitually negative thinkers. I'm just going to take that as read and gallop on. Here's the thing, your experience of life (your thoughts and feelings) is created in your brain. Events happen, people behave as they do and you interpret everything that happens around you according to your beliefs, values, previous experience and other unique personal filters. If your thoughts and feelings were created by the events or other people, outside of you, we would all experience the same thoughts and feelings as a result of ...