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69 Fear and anxiety – dear old friends!

by Una Hearne. Just because you feel fearful or anxious does not mean there is anything to be afraid of. Fear is our natural reaction to a variety of things and its purpose is to protect us from harm. Our fight, flight, freeze response kicks in if we sense any kind of threat and it kicks in before conscious thought. In many situations fear, or at least an awareness of danger, is a good thing - think standing on the edge of a cliff, crossing a busy road, dark alleys at night, telling your significant ...


67 Coaching – Why now?

by Una Hearne. There's no denying our lives are getting more complex. This is what happens as societies develop, and technology has increased the pace of change for us to a rate, I for one, can't quite keep up with. We have more choice and opportunity than ever before. We can study anything we like, at any time of our lives. We can have multiple careers, live or travel in different countries, set up new types of business, organise our personal lives in any way we want, have a multitude of pursuits and interests and ...


27 Size doesn’t matter

by Una Hearne. Sometimes in coaching it's not about big dramatic external change like a change of career, moving country or starting the next multinational corporation. Sometimes a small internal shift can change your life. A change of perspective, a shift in beliefs, a re-direction of strategy. Clients often come to coaches saying they want to change career, to do something completely different, they are bored or fed up or never really wanted the career they have. Some do change to a completely different area, some change aspects of their career and some change nothing ...


by Una Hearne. Edison said 'I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work!' Perseverance is one of the characteristics of successful human beings. Sometimes in the face of overwhelming odds. Sometimes sheer bloody-mindedness when all around you would have given up gracefully and are just waiting to cart you off to the funny farm, is just the ticket for success. It is a judgement call. Most of the big decisions in your life are choices with no guarantees. If it is a decision about your career / business / ...