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79 Mind reading much?

by Una Hearne. So many people still assume that everyone that other people experience life in much the same way they do, thinks like they do, and feels the same as they do. Couldn't be more wrong really. We each sense, interpret and experience the world in a completely unique way. When other people say or do something in a way we wouldn't have, we are shocked! They appear to be some kind of alien. "How can you say that?" "Why would anyone do that?" I am very fond of saying 'Other people are aliens. And. ...


20 I hate networking!

by Una Hearne. Really? I don't think anyone actually hates networking. Controversial! I think the fact that most people say they hate it comes from a misunderstanding about what networking is. Most of us agree that networking is a key part of most aspects of work, from getting a job or starting a business, to gaining promotion or new clients. But what do we really mean by networking? The truth is networking events have their place, it is a way to meet new people in an appropriate environment but they are not where most networking happens. ...