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Happiness 15. The secret of planning

by Una Hearne. Of course there's no secret! If there were you wouldn't find so many different theories, methods, models and templates. Here's why - our minds work differently. Uniquely as it happens, so there couldn't be one way that would work for everyone. Most of the methods you find will work for some people and there are a few popular methods which work for the majority to some degree. The more people involved in implementing a plan - in business for example - the simpler and clearer the plan has to be to ...


A Vision gives you the direction

by Una Hearne. A clear Vision gives you the direction to set off in. I have had countless clients come to me because they don't know what to do next. Typically they have five or ten perfectly legitimate options for their work or life and are stuck because they can't decide which is the 'right' one for them. This is because we cannot predict the future, there is no guarantees of success in any choice. Boo! I know, if only there was a guide. This is a modern problem to be sure, the ...


Happiness 7. Is it realistic to dream?

by Una Hearne. We are brought up to be deeply suspicious of day dreaming. Of imagining our future, of creating a vision for ourselves. We're told its all fanciful nonsense, we should get our heads out of the clouds and get on with real life. And yet, imagining what does not yet exist is one of the key characteristics of being human. If we didn't imagine and create we would still be living in caves. There would be no books, phones, cars or computers. Look around you, see all the things humans have invented, created ...


Una’s little world 8. OK – New Plan!

        by Una Hearne. (Every time I talk about plans or visions or goals I feel the need to preface it with this: Don't get caught up in the words - if you don't relate to the word Vision, substitute in your mind whatever word works best for you, dream, strategy, objective... OK? Thanks :-)) So you put the work in and figured out what you want in life. You have a big Vision and a Plan. You are barrelling along making your dream life / job / relationship happen when, wham, all of ...


65 Time to reflect and dream

by Una Hearne. It is my practice between Christmas and new year to take a few days out just for myself. No work, no socialising. Just quiet reflective time. I reflect on the past year, where I'm at and what I want next year. It's one of my favourite times of the year. We often only check in with ourselves and take stock of our lives when something goes wrong or we are unhappy with the situation we are in. That's fair enough, but it actually makes more sense to check in occasionally when things are going ...


54 How our brains work!

by Una Hearne. How does any human being make anything happen? How do you get to work in the morning? How do people get married and have children? How do you operate your mobile phone? How did you eat your last meal? How do you put your socks on? How do you figure out what you want to do with your life? Believe it or not the unconscious process by which you make anything happen works in the same way for every one of these things: You decide what you want You plan how you will make it happen You ...


34 Hold your dream lightly

by Una Hearne. (Note I always use the word vision - if you don't like this word or it doesn't resonate with you please substitute whichever of the following you prefer:  goal, dream, outcome, mission, objective, desire, aim, target, intention, destination). It is good practice to have a vision for your life. To be a conscious participant in creating your life. The important thing is to have a specific direction to set off in. The next most important thing is not to be too rigid about the outcomes. Hold your vision lightly, be prepared to adapt ...


by Una Hearne. By authentic, I mean right for you, in your life. And by dream, I mean dream, vision, aim, outcome, goal, plan, wish, desire - whatever word works for you and means 'the way you want you and your life to be'. Like all life choices, whether to pursue a dream or not is a personal judgement call. However, over the years I have learned there are some key characteristics by which you can recognise if a dream is authentic, the more of the following that apply the more likely you should ...