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80 Job hunting and running a business

by Una Hearne. With the disappearance of most permanent, or at any rate, life long jobs, many more people are having to come to terms with job hunting on a regular basis. I've been coaching people for 8 years, job hunters and entrepreneurs amongst others. The similarities between the process of getting a job and running a business are interesting. What do you think?   You have to know yourself and your product/service/offering inside out. People buy you as much as what you are offering. They want to know how you can make their life better. ...


56 Them and us

by Una Hearne. Boss vs staff. Employee vs employer. Why is it so hard for people to work together in harmony? We depend upon each other and yet we often end up treating each other as enemies. This is such an age old question and so much horseshit has been written and said about it that I hesitate to add to it. Hesitate yes, but of course still going to go right ahead and add my tuppence worth! Here's an example of being the boss setting up a business. You set up a company. You want to earn ...