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Happiness 20. Motivation – Set up for success

        by Una Hearne There are only two reasons human beings will take action: We enjoy the activity - say eating chocolate for example. We really, really want the outcome - say exercising or cleaning the house. Clearly there is no problem with motivation when we enjoy the activity. And I know a lot of you would put exercising in the first category above, I can hear you shouting :-). What we enjoy is, of course, different for everyone. So how do we make sure the things we are less enthusiastic about doing get done? ...


Happiness 19. Goals you should definitely not set

by Una Hearne. This is yet another tricky area. You cannot set goals for yourself where you are not in control of the actions or changes needed. For example, you can't set a goal for a specific person to fall in love with you - you have no influence over their true feelings. You cannot set a goal like getting a specific job, you are not the decision maker. Setting a goal to win the lotto is also not realistic, even if you take the action of buying the ticket, the chances of winning ...


Happiness 18. Planning – Ideas and Creativity

by Una Hearne. When I ran my three day 'Designing Your Future' (TM) course the middle day was all about planning and goals. We talked about goal setting in the morning and how the size of goals and words you use, need to be right for you. In the afternoon we made plans. The extraordinary thing was that although over 100 people have done the course in total, no two plans looked alike. When you give yourself permission to do it your way you create something unique - and it is what will work ...


Happiness 16. Planning and reality

by Una Hearne. Making a plan is a reality test in a sense. Obviously the real test will be when you take the action but planning can save lots of heartache. You can anticipate obstacles and be ready for them while your neck is not actually on the line so to speak. Planning is simply exploring on paper. There will be plenty of obstacles you don't anticipate, but at least this way you will be more prepared and confident. Like Walt Disney in the April blog it is useful to adopt the mindset ...


        by Una Hearne. There are swamps of information and suggestions out there on goal setting so I'm not going to repeat the most common ones. I'm adding a few principles here which I have come to believe are essential. I hope they are helpful to you. You do NOT have to believe in yourself and your Vision to succeed. I know this isn't the party line in manifesting but I did not believe I could reach my Vision when I created it. After all, I was in the wrong job - which ...


54 How our brains work!

by Una Hearne. How does any human being make anything happen? How do you get to work in the morning? How do people get married and have children? How do you operate your mobile phone? How did you eat your last meal? How do you put your socks on? How do you figure out what you want to do with your life? Believe it or not the unconscious process by which you make anything happen works in the same way for every one of these things: You decide what you want You plan how you will make it happen You ...


42 The secret of planning

by Una Hearne. There are thousands of planning theories, methods, models and templates. And there is one very good reason why no particular way of planning works for everyone - human beings are not robots. Most of the theories, methods, models and templates have merit and will work for some people. Usually people who are like the person that designed that particular way of planning. There are basics that need to be in any plan and the more people involved in implementing a plan, the simpler and clearer it needs to be. Everyone involved ...


30 Your subconscious mind

by Una Hearne. In my last blog I wrote about having a vision to motivate you. I want to talk about another good reason to have a clear vision for yourself. (Note I tend to use the word vision - if you don't like this word or it doesn't resonate with you please substitute whichever of the following you prefer:  goal, dream, outcome, mission, objective, desire, aim, target, intention, destination.) Our subconscious or unconscious mind uses metaphors (symbols, pictures, concepts) to make sense of the world and to shape ...


15 Spooky magic

by Una Hearne. Magic happens around written goals. I have experienced this with my own goals and with clients' goals. Not all goals mind you - but more than you would expect - enough to make it spooky. I get my clients to write specific goals, descriptive, detailed and as fully fleshed out as possible. From houses to job descriptions, life partners to behaviour change with specific results, goal after goal has manifested in spooky detail. As I said, not all goals but too many to dismiss. I do love spooky magic! I also like to ...