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75 Who are you, now?

by Una Hearne. Who are you? Right now, today? This is a core question in personal development. The foundation of all coaching is who are you and what do you want? Self knowledge and awareness grounds you. To know who you are and what you stand for means that in turbulent times you can navigate your life with confidence. It means in the midst of chaos you can make the best choices for yourself. Everyone experiences times of success and times of turbulence. Those who know and love themselves fare better, they adapt more easily ...


64 Selling yourself

by Una Hearne. 'Selling yourself' is a phrase I dislike. I used it because it will accurately indicate to most of you what the subject matter of this blog is. I want to talk about how we communicate who we are, what we have to offer and what we want. This is something we have to do in most areas of our lives, for example in job hunting, running a business, raising our profile, socialising and relationships. I dislike the phrase 'selling yourself' because of course you are not. You may be selling your time, the ...