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by Una Hearne. So I've been thinking about how the world has had to adapt to significant changes and losses because of Covid and how I came to terms over the past three years with changes and losses because of ME/CFS. Happy to report I am now at the point where I am at peace with ME/CFS. Not saying anyone else should be or needs to be. Just that I needed to get to this point, to stop losing energy in resentment and sadness. How I would love to report that it was a swift and peaceful process. That I gracefully accepted my new ...


by Una Hearne. You know when the train of your life derails and you are picking your way through the wreckage, trying to figure out what happens next? Welcome to Una's little world 2018! I started Una's Little World blog in February 2015 to share the story of turning Visions (goals/ dreams/ plans) into reality, using examples from my own life. It has only been available to email subscribers up till now, but I'm making it my main blog this year so it will be available publicly as well. It has been great sharing successful visions. ...