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Happiness 3. Where’s your evidence?

by Una Hearne. Continuing with simple practices to change your mindset, this one is about questioning your limiting beliefs. This is not about trying to live in a fantasy world where you believe in candy floss clouds and unicorns, although your welcome to if it helps. I'm talking here about believing the truth. Your truth. Taking your limiting beliefs and really examining them to see if they are true. If you are not sure what a limiting belief is or which ones you have, finish the following sentences. Don't think too much just note the first ...


82 The half life of facts

by Una Hearne. On a rerun of the sublime TV show QI  (don't you just love Stephen Fry and Alan Davies?) they were talking about the 'half life of facts'. That is, how half of the 'facts' that medical students learn in college will be considered to be untrue in 10 or 12 years time. And how facts given on QI itself are just as subject to contrary proof over time. We like to think that scientific facts are in fact, facts - and to some extent they are - but they are constantly changing ...