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by Una Hearne.   Love yourself unconditionally - you are fabulous.   Trust your inner wisdom. You always know what is best for you.   You, as an individual, and the society you live in are equally important to your quality of life. Balance your choices accordingly.   Treasure the people you love. Including yourself.   Listen well and speak your truth.   Be kind to everyone. Especially yourself.   Forgive everyone - for everything. Especially yourself.   Look for the gifts in every experience, especially bad experiences.   Appreciate everything you have. You have a lot.   Keep your environment ...


        by Una Hearne. You know that situation where someone close to you is dealing with something big? Bereavement, divorce, job loss, illness... You want to help, you really want to say the right thing. But either you have no idea what to say, or anything you say seems to be wrong and makes things worse! There is no magic answer. Sorry! Everyone is different, needs different things and you are not psychic. And that's OK. Some of us want to talk, some don't. Some want to melt down and sob, some want to ...