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Happiness 19. Goals you should definitely not set

by Una Hearne. This is yet another tricky area. You cannot set goals for yourself where you are not in control of the actions or changes needed. For example, you can't set a goal for a specific person to fall in love with you - you have no influence over their true feelings. You cannot set a goal like getting a specific job, you are not the decision maker. Setting a goal to win the lotto is also not realistic, even if you take the action of buying the ticket, the chances of winning ...


Happiness 17 Where happiness comes from

by Una Hearne. This is another tricky area in the manifesting of Visions (goals, dreams, plans, aims - whatever your having yourself). Happiness is far more about your internal world than external circumstances. If it was about external circumstances then everyone who has the things you think you need to be happy would be deliriously happy. Right? Yet they are often miserable. So the idea 'I'll be happy when I have - {insert desire here} - is a trap. But hang on Una, isn't that the whole reason we create Visions? To make ourselves happy? Yes ...


by Una Hearne. Once you know what you want it is very powerful to get that Vision out of your mind and into your environment in a way that will keep it real for you. Something to remind you every day of what you are moving towards. A clear Vision gives you direction, keeps you motivated and helps you make choices, among other things. Most importantly if you are in a situation you don't want it helps you to focus on what you do want instead. Vision boards are the usual suggestion for ...


Happiness 11. Spooky magic

by Una Hearne Spooky magic happens with written goals. I have experienced this with my own Vision and goals as well as with clients'. We write specific goals, descriptive, detailed and as fully fleshed out as possible. From houses to job descriptions, life partners to behaviour change with specific results. Vision after Vision, goal after goal has manifested in spooky detail. Not all goals mind you - but far more than you would expect by chance - enough to make it seem like magic. I like to understand things and I like to be ...