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86 What doesn’t matter?

by Una Hearne. How much money you have. How many friends you have in reality, or on facebook. Failure. Success. Your qualifications or experience. Your children's achievements. What you look like. How nice your home or your car is. What other people think of you. How long it takes you to do anything. Whether you are in love and/or have a partner. Your holidays. Your work. The state of your health. How many obstacles your perceive and overcome. Your level of confidence and self belief. Whether you have a dream and whether it manifests. I could go on...   Are you arguing with me in your head? Have I upset you? Excellent, read ...


83 There’s nothing wrong with money

by Una Hearne. Our beliefs about money and ourselves are reflected in the state of our finances. Our abilities to earn, spend and save. (Oh no!!!) A large part of our belief system comes from the family and culture we were brought up in. We will often follow patterns that we have experienced around us (or rebel and do the opposite). For example, if you believe rich people are inherently bad or horrible people, you will subconsciously prevent yourself from becoming one of them. On the other hand, if you believe poor people are ...


78 Not living the dream yet?

by Una Hearne. So, if you know my work, you'll know it's all about living our best lives. I'm all about re-connecting with who you really are and what you really want. And making Visions and plans to create the best life you can experience. I also talk a lot about gratitude, about being grateful for everything we already have. I am sometimes asked if this is a contradiction "If I'm happy now, won't I just sit back and not bother doing anything else?" As if unhappiness is the only motivator for doing anything! Unhappiness ...


by Una Hearne. So here I am sticking my neck out. Publicly. I am in business officially two years and my first business plan didn't work. I made very little money and had to borrow to keep going and try the next plan. I have invested over 200k in education and sacrificed earnings in the past 10 years at a rough guess. I've invested many thousands of hours in my learning, development and my work. I'm earning now but it's not quite sustainable yet. I could run out of money. This kind of financial uncertainty unnerves me ...


52 Starting a business the easy way!

by Una Hearne. Flagrant use of attention grabbing title. Apologies. Of course there is no easy way. I am good at asking people for advice and help. So when I started my business I found successful clever people and asked their advice. Let me tell you what I have learned about setting up a business:   There are a few standard things everyone tells you - and they are right: Do a business plan; Understand the money and keep the accounts straight; pay your taxes correctly; Make sure you know what you need to about the law ...