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by Una Hearne. Those of us blessed (Eh?*!?*!?) with a chronic illness are forced to develop a high level of expertise in budgeting our very limited energy. But it's not just we who need these skills is it? It's you too. Not even the highest energy people can do everything they want to nowadays. There are endless possibilities in  work, home, social life, leisure, study, travel, etc. No one can fit into one lifetime everything that is available to do. Does your life feel in balance? Do you experience peace and happiness every ...


Una’s little world 15. Fighting

          by Una Hearne. We talk in terms of fighting illness/ obesity/ drugs/ redundancies etc. Fighting can be a brilliant frame of mind. I have a friend who had cancer and approached it as a battle. With military efficiency she fought, she won and we couldn't be more pleased and proud of her. However, fighting is not always the right frame. It depends on the situation and what works for you as a person. For me, facing ME/CFS, I find the most useful frame of mind for me is the very opposite of fighting - ...