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Una’s little world 21. Gifts

          by Una Hearne. So, if there are no good or bad events, just life events and the labels we give them, am I at the point where I can honestly say I'm grateful for having ME/CFS? Hmmmmmm. Obviously the fact that it has taken my ability to do the work I want, my social life, hobbies, holidays... OK that's all a bit crap. It would be understandable to wallow in misery, but that's not a life I want either. Since I believe our super power is our ability to choose our thoughts, it ...


33 Positive thinking 3

by Una Hearne. Sometimes it seems to me in the personal development world that people are straining so hard to be POSITIVE and BELIEVE in themselves that I worry for their bowels. It's not actually necessary to burst a blood vessel, being positive and believing in yourself is a matter of choice and practice. Would you like to be more positive and believe in yourself more? For those of you who immediately said 'Yes, BUT...' I'll repeat the question: Would you like it?   And sorry to labour the point but just to be ...


25 Positive thinking 2

by Una Hearne I said in a previous blog that you can choose to become a more positive thinker if you want to. For those of you who would like this in theory and are asking 'YES, BUT HOW?' I would like to share a simple technique I use . It has helped me to develop habitually positive thoughts. It appears too simple to work and so is easy to dismiss, however, I find it to be incredibly powerful. Don't take my word for it, try it out yourself. The concept is simple, the practice ...


21 Positive thinking 1

by Una Hearne. Habitually positive thinkers are happier than habitually negative thinkers. I'm just going to take that as read and gallop on. Here's the thing, your experience of life (your thoughts and feelings) is created in your brain. Events happen, people behave as they do and you interpret everything that happens around you according to your beliefs, values, previous experience and other unique personal filters. If your thoughts and feelings were created by the events or other people, outside of you, we would all experience the same thoughts and feelings as a result of ...