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by Una Hearne. We are all mad you know. Humans. We criticise ourselves in our own heads all day long. And then we wonder why we lack confidence or self-esteem. We shame ourselves in a similar way and wonder why we are not happy yet. Insanity. I believe - just my opinion - we have the right to be confident and happy most of the time. I can't see the value in making our lives more miserable than they need to be by playing negative tapes in our minds all day. I do ...


70 Gratitude journal

by Una Hearne. Keeping a gratitude journal is one of those deceptively simple practices which can have real and profound effects in your life. I've written and spoken many times about the importance of refocusing our attention from the negative to the positive. This is so that we balance our natural negative bias and also so that we focus our attention and effort on what we want to create in our lives, and not on what we don't want. The reason it's important to think of it as a practice is that it needs to be a ...