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  by Una Hearne. Boundaries exist in every relationship in the world. Usually unspoken and often unclear. Yet we know for sure when they are crossed. We feel it. Everyday we face boundary choices in relationships. In a conflict, how do I know who is right? Should I help every person who asks me? Is it ok for me to ask for help?  Is this behaviour acceptable to me, in this situation, with this person? Should I compromise? Always? Never? NEWS FLASH... You own your own life. You get to make these decisions for yourself. You're ...


43 Time management

by Una Hearne. A lot of time management courses are rubbish because they don't establish the most important principle before they show you their techniques and tools. Here's the most important principle: You need to know what is important to you, what really matters in your life, in order to choose wisely what you spend your time on. You have a finite amount of time in your life. You don't know how long you have. You can't 'make' any more time. The power and control you have in this area is in how you choose to use the ...