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A Vision gives you the direction

by Una Hearne. A clear Vision gives you the direction to set off in. I have had countless clients come to me because they don't know what to do next. Typically they have five or ten perfectly legitimate options for their work or life and are stuck because they can't decide which is the 'right' one for them. This is because we cannot predict the future, there is no guarantees of success in any choice. Boo! I know, if only there was a guide. This is a modern problem to be sure, the ...


Happiness 7. Is it realistic to dream?

by Una Hearne. We are brought up to be deeply suspicious of day dreaming. Of imagining our future, of creating a vision for ourselves. We're told its all fanciful nonsense, we should get our heads out of the clouds and get on with real life. And yet, imagining what does not yet exist is one of the key characteristics of being human. If we didn't imagine and create we would still be living in caves. There would be no books, phones, cars or computers. Look around you, see all the things humans have invented, created ...


22 Is it realistic to dream?

by Una Hearne. I spend a lot of time as a coach and trainer trying to crowbar people's minds open long enough to allow them to dream for themselves. We are brought up to be deeply suspicious of dreams. Not the dreams we have when we sleep, but the dreams we can imagine for our future in the real world, beyond our current experience. We often react to each other's dreams for the future as if they are nonsense - as if we are completely mad to think bigger for ourselves. And yet, imagining ...