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Happiness 16. Planning and reality

by Una Hearne. Making a plan is a reality test in a sense. Obviously the real test will be when you take the action but planning can save lots of heartache. You can anticipate obstacles and be ready for them while your neck is not actually on the line so to speak. Planning is simply exploring on paper. There will be plenty of obstacles you don't anticipate, but at least this way you will be more prepared and confident. Like Walt Disney in the April blog it is useful to adopt the mindset ...


A Vision gives you the direction

by Una Hearne. A clear Vision gives you the direction to set off in. I have had countless clients come to me because they don't know what to do next. Typically they have five or ten perfectly legitimate options for their work or life and are stuck because they can't decide which is the 'right' one for them. This is because we cannot predict the future, there is no guarantees of success in any choice. Boo! I know, if only there was a guide. This is a modern problem to be sure, the ...