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by Una Hearne. Will ye give over ye lunatics, you can't change other people. Stop that nonsense. I seem to be seeing a lot of people in misery at the moment because of what others have said or done. Most of their stress is because they think the other person 'should' behave or think the way they do themselves. Here's the problem with that - everyone's mind and experience are unique. Have you ever met a person who genuinely thinks exactly like you? In every situation? About every issue? Of course you haven't. Other ...


Una’s little world 23. Your Tribe

by Una Hearne. I love the idea of 'Tribe'. It's as relevant today as it was when there was only a few thousand of us on the planet. Tribe matters. We need to belong to other people. It's built into our DNA and it protects us. Tribe used to be relatively simple - it was the extended family you were born into and only changed if maybe you left and joined another tribe. It's a little more complex in the modern world. For a start, we are packed into cities and towns, rarely isolated ...